Shooting during Viva Las Vegas

I'm starting to book up for photoshoots during Viva Las Vegas, and I wanted to let you know about a couple cool collaborations I'm doing then! On Friday, April 10th I'm doing a doubles package with one of MY fave photographers, Denver-based La Photographie! She's one of the only photographers I trust to take photos of me, and for one price you can get photos from each of us in a gorgeous vintage location. $300 gets you 30 minutes of shooting with each of us, plus 4 retouched photos.

On Sunday, I'll be at another location, this time shooting while Silver Screen Vanity does your hair! She's famous for beautiful sculpted waves that will last you for days! The perfect way to cap off your last few days in Sin City. We have a special rate that covers both of us, all you have to do is show up with makeup done! Click here to find out more and reserve your time slot!

I've available every other day for shoots in my studio, but these two days will be at special locations, and only with the package deals. Let me know if you have any questions at!

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