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"What's old is new!

The vintage look is making a comeback and Bettina May, the glamour boss, is leading the charge."

FOX's Chasing News




TV & Film

"One of New York's leading burlesque artists and pinup models" - Time Out NY

"Bettina May earns 'genius' green card for her unique burlesque, pin-up abilities" - NY Daily News

"A red-headed Cathy Moriarty, straight out of the film “Raging Bull,” combined with a little Rita Hayworth and Isla Fisher."

- T Magazine

"Canada's hottest Burlesque Import" -

"Canadian Burlesque Ambassador,

Bettina May" - Torontoist

"Canadian burlesque dancer beat scientists and athletes to win U.S. green card." UK Daily Mail

"The Canadian-born, Brooklyn-based beauty is a woman of many skills — she's a burlesque bombshell, an accomplished pin-up photographer and in-demand model" - Asbury Park Press

"Bettina May knows sexy selfies." -

"Always in demand." - Ponyboy Magazine

"Girlie dancer shimmies way to green card." - Toronto Star

"The world of burlesque has become even more noteworthy, thanks to iconic pin-up model Bettina May." Monday Magazine

"We watched as from behind her make up mirror Ms. May demonstrated how to properly apply each product, an abridged course in Womanhood 101." - New York Times - East Village

"Body of work nets dancer a green card"
"Pin-up dances to sultry success"
Halifax Metro

"Bettina May can shimmy like nobody else and she's convinced U.S. immigration authorities of it." - The Hamilton Spectator

"Ms. May next revealed her best secrets to those luxurious "bombshell" ringlets requisite to a pin-up...One by one, she unmasked the mystery behind iconic styles like the victory roll, Betty Grable bangs and the glam-girls hairnet, or snood." - Chicago Examiner

"As if all of these shockingly great musical acts weren’t enough, Brooklyn-based modern burlesque bombshell Bettina May will perform as screen siren Rita Hayworth." - Asbury Park Press

"In addition to instructing her students on how to preserve hairstyles, important as that is, [Bettina] May also teaches them life lessons that can, and do, extend beyond the pin-up classroom...that the most beautiful thing about a person is their self confidence." - Greenpoint Gazette

"May...earned her Green Card on the basis of her expertise in the field of burlesque dancing and pinup modeling. Not only is she one of the first models of her ilk to be granted such a status - roughly 2,500 people of "extraordinary ability" are given Green Cards each year - the U.S. government affixed her with an uber-cool official new moniker: Alien of Extraordinary Ability." - Times Colonist


TV & Film

"A burlesque performer with the looks of Rita Hayworth and a ground-shaking shimmy."

- NBC News

"Playful and seductive, yet empowering and tasteful!"

Playing With Pin-Up Photography

- NBC's First Look

Bettina's performance featured on Christina Aguilera's official website promoting her film Burlesque with Cher!

Bettina on Victoria, BC's CHEK 6 News about her male pin-up magazine launch.



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