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Get my new book for 99 cents!

Over the course of one week in Las Vegas, 15 different travellers find themselves way outside their comfort zone in a variety of interconnected ways. Will they be able to roll the dice and find fun in the City of Sin before it's time to go home?

I'm doing special discounted rate on the ebook version of my newest addition to my Pulp series, starting now until the release date on July 11th, which is when sales will start for the print edition. For the next two weeks you can get the ebook for only 99 cents, and then the price will jump, so make sure to get your preorder in asap! Having a lot of sales on the first day it releases will really help my rankings on Amazon, which effects whether they recommend my book on the website, so as an independent author, this is very important. Because of this, I won't be offering presales of the print edition. Click here to order your ebook today!

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