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Book Giveaway!

I've partnered with GoodReads to give away 100 copies of my first book Bohemia Pulp to Kindle users! This is your chance to read the first in this series before my new book comes out July 11th! And if you preorder Vegas Pulp now, you can get it for just $0.99 and have it ready to read super cheap!

What's the book about? It started with me looking for a prompt to help me start on my writing path, so I used my steamy photoshoots I'd been doing for Patreon and wrote short stories based on my favourite photosets, and then turned that into my coffee table book Bohemia: Illustrated Tales of Passion. There were more stories than I could fit into that book though, so I released a paperback with ALL the stories I wrote. The second book, Vegas Pulp, builds on that, with one sequel to a story from the first one, only this time, all the stories are interconnected and set during one wild week in Las Vegas. Where should I set the third collection?

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