Baby's First Quarantine Show!

Well, it's a whole new world we're living in since my last post. Pretty much everyone who isn't an essential worker is at home these days, and all my tours for Spring and Summer have been cancelled. I'm making good use of my time home though, sewing some clothes from my fabric stash, catching up on photo editing (email me if you want more edits from a past shoot!), learning ukulele, and now starting to film some acts for the latest craze, online shows! Here's a link to one that went live yesterday, and remember if you still have an income during this, try to tip performers for the free events they are broadcasting online, as most of us won't even be able to file for unemployment benefits until May and even then many still won't be eligible, so it's a tough time for us. My Venmo is @bettinamay, wink wink.

Check it out and lots of other people reading at Booklover's Burlesque! Hope you like this! You can see my stories printed in each issue of An Occasional Man magazine too, and it's available on Amazon and Kindle!

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