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Save On Photoshoots Across the US

This summer I'm embarking on an epic tour, from coast to coast, doing burlesque and I'll have my camera and beauty supplies in tow. I'm going to be offering special rates to my email subscribers only, so click this link to sign up now!

Here's a list of all the places I'll be for the next few months:

Jun 6-20: Las Vegas, NV

Jun 21: Greenport, LI

Jun 24-25: NYC

Jun 26 - Jul 16: Las Vegas, NV

Jul 17: Reno, NV

Jul 19: Ashland, OR

Jul 21: Seattle, WA

Jul 24-25: Port Townsend, WA

Jul 26: Portland, OR

Jul 28: Missoula, MT

Jul 30: Salt Lake City, UT

Aug 1-16: Las Vegas, NV

Aug 17: Raleigh, NC

Aug 23-24: Winston-Salem, NC

Aug 29-31: Nashville, TN

Sep 9-10: Asbury Park, NJ

Sep 11-14: Chicago, IL

Sep 15-16: Philadelphia, PA

Sep 24 on: Las Vegas, NV

Don't see your town on the list but think I should come your way? Send me a message to!

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