Magazine Launch in NYC!

Perhaps some of you remember that I ran a male pin-up magazine called An Occasional Man,

and I had to shelve it 10 years ago when I immigrated to the US because my travel schedule didn't mesh with meeting print deadlines and mailing out to subscribers. Well, now that I'm more settled in Las Vegas, I'm ready to bring it back, and it's launching in New York City at a big party next Monday! The party will be at Macao Trading Co, as part of Dandy Wellington's South Sea Soiree! Covermodel Evil Hate Monkey will be there, so you can get your pic taken with him, buy a copy of the mag and have him sign it, along with Dandy who is also featured in this issue! The best way to get the magazine outside of attending the launch party is to subscribe now! Subscribers can choose between a digital or print version of the magazine, and get all kinds of behind the scenes photos, videos and other updates about issues. If you are interested in modeling for the magazine, or want to contribute as a photographer, writer or advertiser, drop me a line at!

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