New Photos, New Plans

It's been a wild couple months, but I'm finally feeling settled in Las Vegas. I think my Pacific Northwest heritage dragged an unusual amount of rainfall to the desert, sorry locals, but I'm loving it! As I type I'm watching the palm trees blow and the lava rock is shiny black from the fresh washing. Can't wait to see the cactus bloom in a couple months!

I've been busy catching up on editing photos I've taken of my photography clients in NYC and the rest of North America from my November and December tours, but I took a moment to go through and select faves from a self-portrait session I did a while back, and I posted the results this morning for you to enjoy! I have so many self-portraits in the vault, and I'm looking for a way to make more time to go through them. One of the things that would help is not having to hustle so much booking new tours and just having time to focus on this project, which will hopefully lead to me being able to publish a book of my self-portraits. To that end, I'll be setting up a Patreon page soon, where members can have a first glimpse at my photo archive, including many artistic nudes and videos that I have sitting in the vault, waiting to be shared. These won't be seen anywhere else online, and only a few of the images will hopefully end up published down the road, so this would be exclusive access to lots of content. If you are interested, click here to join my email list to be the first to find out about the launch!

I will be announcing tour dates and other fun things happening very soon, so stay tuned!



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