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In which city did you take your first class with Bettina May?

I took the class with Bettina in Nashville, TN

What made you decide to take the class?

For most of my life, I have been overweight and struggled with HORRIBLE self-image and low self-esteem. I was the classic teenager that no one wanted to date: redhead, freckles, morbidly obese, glasses. I would have won the prize for all the teenage “date killers” if I had braces, but we couldn’t afford them! I never had one date in high school (my first was at 26.) I was the girl that all the guys said, “I like her as a FRIEND!” I literally felt unlovable and definitely unattractive. I had lost weight at times over the years, but my low self-esteem and tendency to keep people away from me with the huge walls I had erected around me, meant I still did not date much or develop good relational skills. After I turned 40, I really started addressing my self-esteem issues and whether or not I was/am worthy of love and care. I started therapy and decided to do this class with a friend after losing some weight (in a healthy way.) Going into a room with a bunch of ladies glammed up and half-dressed would have normally caused me to faint, but I was determined to go through with it.

Was it an easy decision, or something you had to step outside your comfort zone to make happen?

It was DEFINITELY a step out of my comfort zone to go have some fun. I had always been drawn to the pinup curvy look because I am curvy. No matter what I weigh, I will never be slim. I am just not built that way. I thought going to this class could help me discover more ways to accentuate my positive figure attributes!

Did you have any previous experience with a vintage look, or was this a brand new experience for you?

I had been experimenting a little with clothing and some make-up before the class. I had finally realized that I look better in vintage styled clothes. No matter what I weigh on the scale, I will never wear skinny jeans or shapeless shirts, etc. The vintage pin-up clothes just make me look better!

Did you go on to pursue more photoshoots, or take another class with Bettina?

Bettina created a monster! Ha! I have done two more photoshoots since the class with Bettina and have gotten more comfortable with myself and posing. I would love to do another class with Bettina when she comes back to Nashville because the class was so powerful and uplifting!





How do you feel your life has changed since taking this class?

Absolutely! When I saw some of those photos that Bettina had taken, I couldn’t believe it was me. That had to be Rita Hayworth or Maureen O’Hara (of course I’m gonna say the redheaded gals!) I truly felt beautiful and sexy for the first time in my life!! I had been thinner than I was in the photos, but I had NEVER been fabulous. This woman was FABULOUS and I loved her!

What would you want to tell other people who want to try something new with their life but aren’t confident enough to take the plunge?

I say “go for it!” You don’t have to jump into the deep end immediately, take baby steps! You don’t have to do anything you are uncomfortable with relating to posing, etc… It takes stepping out of your comfort zone to do it, but you don’t have to go from prude to nude in 20 seconds! (And for the record, I have NEVER gone nude and don’t plan on it! Each of us has our own boundaries and comfort levels!) I loved every moment I spent in Bettina’s class and have recommended it to many friends across the country (when I know she is headed to their city.) It is a lovely day of bonding with other women and Bettina setting a high bar of kindness and fun! It is worth the money to just have that moment when you look at the photo and say, “Is that me?? That’s me!! WOW!”

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September 2015 Pin-Up of the Month

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