Help put my new book in glorious print!

I'm so close to getting my art book published, and I just need a little bit of your help. To get the

book out in a beautiful format and also a more affordable price, I need to order a bulk print run, so I'm doing pre-sales through Indiegogo. The book will be 10x8, hardcover, full colour and approx 100 pages long. It's a combination of striptease self-portraits and erotic short stories inspired by the photos, all done by me! In addition to offering pre-sales of the book at a much cheaper rate than you'll see elsewhere, I'm also offering prints of my self-portraits, from 8x10 to fully mounted canvas 16x24 art pieces. Help make this dream a reality by contributing any amount amount to the campaign, and sharing it with your friends! Here's the link, thanks so much for your help!

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