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Pin-Up of the Month

"When I first started teaching my Pin-Up Class back in 2006, I never anticipated the effect that it would have on me. I wanted to share my knowledge of vintage style, flattering posing techniques and to give would-be models a little primer on their rights as a model and how to interact with photographers. Since then, I’ve taken the class all over the world, and in the process, I’ve met the most amazing women who continue to inspire me long after class is over and I’ve come home. Some are stepping in front of the camera for the first time, some are finally giving themselves some ‘me’ time after devoting themselves to raising children, and almost all are taking a big step outside their comfort zone to try something new, and the result of that is my biggest joy. Seeing a women leave class transformed in such a positive way lifts my spirits. Once in a while I‘m lucky enough to hear back from women after class, sometimes that night, other times years later, and their inspiring stories are too good to sit in my inbox or in a warm corner of my heart.

I hope these women will encourage you to turn over a new leaf, or take a small step (or giant leap) outside your comfort zone to try something you’ve always wanted to try. Once you realize that you can survive, even if it fails (who hasn’t fallen over in yoga class?), you won‘t be so scared to take a stab at the next chance. So read on, and try something new today!"

Bettina May

Click their photo to read interviews catching up with past students and see more photos! Have you taken a class or photoshoot with Bettina and want to be featured? Email her at for more info!

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