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In which city did you take your first class with Bettina May?


Providence, RI

What made you decide to take the class? Was it an easy decision, or something you had to step outside your comfort zone to make happen?

The idea of taking the class was fabulous and exciting, but actually following through and doing it was a bit out of my comfort zone. I always had ideas of fun things to do, but wouldn’t always follow through with a little doubt in the outcome of it. When I finally decided to make the leap and really go for it this time, it was the best feeling! It was a life changing decision and I couldn’t be more thankful that it was the one thing I finally followed through with.

Did you have any previous experience with a vintage look, or was this a brand new experience for you?

I didn’t have much experience with vintage looks myself, but always had a fascination with vintage/ pin up styles from afar. Living vicariously through people on the Internet and friends businesses/ the wonderful owners around my neighborhood!


Did you go on to pursue more photoshoots, or take another class with Bettina?


I have continued to follow Bettina’s schedule in hopes of gathering a whole new flock of lovelies to bring to her next class around here!

How have your new pin-up skills been put to use in other ways?


The pin-up skills I’ve learned from Bettina have been put to use in a multitude of ways. I have passed them on to my friends, I’ve used them to get more involved in the culture around Providence, and have taken those skills to help create a more confident and independent version of myself! I‘m also working behind the scenes with a local pin up designer Mode Merr to promote her new website via social media hoping to expand the local pin up scene and get exposure of a local business supporting pin up culture.



How do you feel your life has changed since taking this class?

My life has changed drastically since taking the class! I changed my career path for the first time in about 8 years, and it was the best decision. I had a new respect for myself and my body and wanted to pass that on to everyone I knew. I was confident and finally loved who I was! I got more involved in things I wouldn’t normally do and followed through with chances I wanted to take. I surrounded myself with strong, intelligent women and am inspired by them daily. I strive to be a role model to my younger friends, sharing what I’ve learned from Bettina and pin-up culture! I can’t wait to bring them when there is another class in Providence! 

What would you want to tell other people who want to try something new with their life but aren‘t confident enough to take the plunge?

To any one who wants to try something new, but aren’t feeling confident to take the plunge: take any negative energy you have in your mind, (the doubts, anxieties, anger, etc) and redirect them even just for a few minutes to give you that boost to try a new thing! It’s hard to do, but it could pay off and be the best experience ever! New isn’t bad, just different. Life’s an adventure, sometimes you have to go off the main road to find the fun! 


Follow Michelle on Instagram to keep up with her ongoing adventures: @myates86








































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October 2015 Pin-Up of the Month

Michelle Yates, 28, Providence RI
Zumiez Assistant Boss Lady

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