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In which city did you take your first class or private session with Bettina May?

Seattle, WA


What made you decide to take the class?

As soon as I saw Miss Indigo Blue‘s post on Facebook about the class, I knew immediately that I MUST take it! I needed more formal teaching on vintage hairstyles and makeup techniques, so I grabbed a friend and we took the class together. It was so much fun and a great help for me to be able to learn hands on.

Did you have any previous experience with a vintage look, or was this a brand new experience for you?

I’ve always been interested in vintage/retro/pinup looks, but hadn’t really started dressing the part until more recently. I drew inspiration from pictures online, and made my best attempt at vintage hairstyles, but hadn’t had much luck. Styling my hair usually consisted of curling and then throwing in a hair flower. Makeup has always been easier for me to do, but I still learned a few good tricks from the class.

Did you go on to pursue more photoshoots, or take another class with Bettina?

I haven‘t done another photoshoot since the class, but intend to do more in the near future! And as soon as Bettina returns to Seattle, I‘ll be back in her classroom! :-)

How do you feel your life has changed since taking this class?

Having more knowledge about how to style my hair and makeup has given me more confidence to try new looks. I’ve since become a lipstick addict and have more fun trying out new, brighter shades that I never would have had the courage to try before! And although I still haven‘t perfected any vintage hairstyles, I enjoy trying!

What would you want to tell other people who want to try something new with their life but aren’t confident enough to take the plunge?

Push everything that‘s been holding you back into the back of your mind and take that first step! The first step is always the hardest, but once you make it, everything else just comes easier. You can do anything you put your mind to!

Has Bettina May’s Pin-Up Class/private sessions/Bombshell Basics DVD/Everyday Bombshell book inspired you? Get in touch with her to be the next Pin-Up Of The Month

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July 2015 Pin-Up of the Month

Geneen Sparks, 32, Seattle WA
Neuro RN

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