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February 2015 Pin-Up of the Month

Corinne Elisabeth, 24, Atlanta GA
Newborn Photographer

Now you can learn all Bettina's beauty secrets in her new step-by-step vintage style book! Available in print and as an e-book. 
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In which city did you take your first class or private session with Bettina May?

Atlanta, GA 


What made you decide to take the class? 

Super easy decision! I am obsessed with all things pinup- the style, the way they carry themselves! I signed up as soon as I saw it online! I needed help learning how to perfect my every day looks! 

Did you have any previous experience with a vintage look, or was this a brand new experience for you?

I experimented on my own with hair and makeup so this wasn’t brand new to me but I totally learned new ways to style my hair on my own! 

Did you go on to pursue more photoshoots, or take another class with Bettina?

I haven‘t had the chance to take more classes or do more photo shoots but I totally would love to the next chance I am able! 

How do you feel your life has changed since taking this class?

I feel confident in my pinup styling! I met a lot of great girls and I was complimented on my vintage wardrobe that I brought along because I wasn’t sure what I would choose to wear to the class! It was great meeting ladies who had similar interests! 






















What would you want to tell other people who want to try something new with their life but aren’t confident enough to take the plunge?

DO IT ANYWAY! Who cares if it doesn’t go the way you‘d wish it did, brush it off and try again! I dyed my hair blue without worrying if it would be something that would hurt my career chances (it didn’t! My manager at the time actually got mad when I colored it back to brown because he was scared I‘d lost my creativity!) When you do it finally, you will feel refreshed and happy that you didn’t deny yourself! 

Anything else you want to add? 

I started doing my own photography in January 2012 and this new business that I am a part of (Little Lavender Photography) has started just recently in December 2015! Since the class, I have pursued my own personal pin-up modeling more so less behind the camera time and more in front of the camera time!

Has Bettina May’s Pin-Up Class/private sessions/Bombshell Basics DVD/Everyday Bombshell book inspired you? Get in touch with her to be the next Pin-Up Of The Month

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